The Taoist Cultural Arts Association runs classes internationally. For a comprehensive list of classes please click here

The Association runs regular weekend courses in Warwickshire, covering a variety of the Taoist Cultural Arts including T’ai Chi Ch’uan, T’ai Ch Weapons, Feng Shou Kung Fu, Feng Shou Weapons, as well as Anmo - Health and Massage courses.

The Association also runs a week-long T'ai Chi course over Easter and a three-week Summer course in Cornwall, including a week of T'ai Chi, Feng Shou Kung Fu and Anmo - Health and Massage. Details of forthcoming courses can be found here



The Taoist Cultural Arts Association has an interactive forum where you can chat to like-minded people and ask questions. So get involved with the growing community of the TCAA by clicking here



The Taoist Cultural Arts Association is also in the process of reprinting Chee Soo's collection of invaluable books. You can find out more and order copies here